Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing Hydroponic Beets

(Beta vulgaris)
Planting Info:
Can be seeded or transplanted
Seeds per gram: 50
Directly seeded
Space between rows: 15 cm (6”)
Space between seeds: 10 cm (4”)
Germination: 10 days
Germination and Transplant: 20-25
Harvest: 60 days
Depth: 3 cm (1.25”)
Seed for Transplant:
Space between rows: 8 cm (3”)
Space between seeds: 1 cm (1/3”)
Depth: 1 cm (1/3”)
Plants per m2: 54
Beets form over the top of the media so they can be
grown in a 5” deep bed grower. Each beet seed pod
contains about three seeds so the young seedlings
may have to be thinned.
Beet roots also have edible greens so the entire plant
is useful. They grow well in hydroponics and can be
harvested when about 2” in diameter. Beets can also
be grown for winter storage, stored in boxes of dry
peat moss.
Pests: Black fly
Diseases: Damping off, leaf spot and heart rot.
Harvest: Harvest the entire plant as roots get to be 4
cm (2”) diameter. Break off the leaves to reduce bleeding
from the beet root. Use in stews or salads.
If beets have black bitter spots they are low on boron.
Add 1/6 teaspoon of borax to 2 gallons of water and
water the plants.

From "Home Hydroponic Gardens" by Peggy Bradley & Cesar Marulanda

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