Friday, April 30, 2010

Hydroponics in the Home for Seniors

Imagine being retired. No daily grind of the 9 to 5. Now imagine being in a retirement home. Do you have images of a regimented, somewhat institutional environment? Now imagine being in that type setting growing strawberries or roses or fresh herbs? Seems impossible or contradictory? It is entirely possible with Hydroponic Gardening.

Thinking of Elder Care and the quality of life in those years which we common refer to as the Golden Years, you cannot overlook the importance of the value of continued self reliance. These are people, just like you, who for the vast majority of their lives have made decisions regarding day to day activities placed in an environment where this capacity is limited.

Hydroponic gardening allows for personal choice and decision making. As studies have shown, it can be a tool to assist the improvement of the quality of life as well as the immediate environment. The Eden Care program is a great example of this. For the maintaining of self reliance and mental functioning, this method of gardening cannot be dismissed. Being able to pour over seed and equipment catalogues and dreaming of the results is not just limited to the younger mind.

Imagine being able to grow fresh food for your enjoyment, flowers for your pleasure and the tinkering involved with the minimal maintenance and the planning for the improvement of hydroponic systems. Starting small with container growing – such as herbs in a window and then more complex systems as the understanding of what is possible happens. As hydroponic systems do not require bare earth, but can be set up and maintained in just about any extra space- with or without natural light, it seems a perfect match of form and function to re-involve those inhabiting institutions with the natural world.

The capabilities of the style of gardening can be tailored to any scale or environment- from something as small as a cup to as large a scale as a greenhouse making decidedly urban environments where space it at a premium a non-issue. The placement can be adjusted to the height and range of movement capabilities of anyone. Hydroponic gardening is also not limited by seasonal requirements- you can grow all year round. These hydroponic systems can be made from recycled material or purchased from reputable suppliers all depending on the complexity and scale of what hydroponic system you choose to develop. The choice is yours.

There is an almost infinite combination of styles and methodologies regarding hydroponic systems that can be used in such institutional settings. In our opinion, the benefits of such practices are beyond measure. Many universities and horticultural organizations have in depth and detailed information available for you. These sources of information are available online or from your local libraries. Explore, discover and learn – after all - retirement living is all about living first.

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