Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Growing Garlic in Hydroponics

(Allium sativium)
Planting Info:
Live plants transplanted
Space between rows: 10 cm (4”)
Space between seeds: 7 cm (2.5’)
Depth: 2 cm (2/3”)
Germination: 8 days
Germination and Harvest: 120
pH from 5.5 to 8.0
Garlic is used as a flavor enhancer in food and as a
medicinal herb. It can be planted in any grower as a
companion plant to reduce insect attack.
Garlic is grown from cloves of a shallot, and planted
1” deep. Cloves of garlic are rounded on one end and
pointed on the other. Gently press the clove into the
soil with the pointed end slightly above the soil line.
Garlic is know for many medicinal properties, and
is a standard part of the diet of many cultures. It is
known to thin the blood and act as an antiseptic. It
also adds tremendous flavor. There is research that
garlic grown with excess selenium can be used to
reduce breast cancers. It is a natural antibiotic and
useful in keeping disease away.
Pests: Onion maggots and thrips.
Diseases: Downy mildew, neck rot, pink rot, and
Harvest: Harvest individual plants as needed fresh.
Whole bulbs may be stored and individual cloves
separated as needed."

From "Home Hydroponic Gardens" by Peggy Bradley & Cesar Marulanda.

They don't mention "hydroponics" specifically in this item but if you substituted "soil" for a growing medium like Hydroton the results would be the same.

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