Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Treat Your Plants to Tea Time

Tea for plants is produced from organic materials that provide macro, micro and submicro elements. Depending on the organic materials used, the teas often contain such compounds as sugars, amino acids, humates, naturally occurring growth promoters, enzymes and vitamins.

A quality organic tea provides important building blocks that help resist disease and insect infestation. Some of the best teas were developed by the Japanese centuries ago and require fermentation over a long period of time.

These bio-active nutrient teas can be diluted and applied to the root zone for increased plant health and vigor. At higher concentrations, quality aerobic plant teas can be sprayed onto the foliage until flowers and fruits begin to form.

When teas are applied in the manner described above, you should notice an increase in crop growth rates, fewer problems with disease such as powdery mildew, and greater resistance to common crop insects including spidermites.

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