Monday, May 4, 2009

Develope Clean Habits for Growing Hydroponics

Clean Grow Rooms invite healthy harvests. Develop the habit of giving any growing area a clean sweep with your eyes. Too often problem areas can develop unnoticed unless you take a few moments to really look for them.

Pay particular attention to severely damaged foliage and remove it immediately. Left to wither and die, these damaged leaves will attract both disease and insects. Also, during your 'clean-sweep' inspection, look for fallen leaves decaying on the base of your growing media, flood tables, floor or other places. Remember, dust, dirt and debris on the grow room floor can harbor insects and their eggs.

It takes only two or three minutes to walk around a growing area with your mind focused on dirt build-up, decaying vegetation, damaged plants and other unsanitary conditions. Cleaning them up can be done quickly. Ignoring them can cost you extra hours and money spent battling disease, insects or having to replant a crop.

You might also consider spraying a high quality pyrethrin based insecticidal spray on floor areas surrounding plants. Just keep the spray away from the plants.

By doing this, you'll be setting up a kill zone. This tends to eliminate insects before they can become a problem.

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