Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gardening without soil? Is it possible?

Every child knows successful gardening requires soil, water, plants and sunlight and that if you are missing any of those ingredients; your efforts are doomed to failure.

Every child is wrong.

It may not be possible to replace all of those four options as yet, but along with artificial lighting as a replacement for the sun, soil is one more element of gardening we our learning can be successfully omitted under the right circumstances.

Yes, it is possible to grow plants without soil. It is called hydroponic gardening and although it may seem to border on science fiction, it actually works quite well and can be a great deal of fun.

Hydroponics is not a new development. It has been around since nearly the beginning of recorded history. That wonder of the ancient world known as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was an exercise in hydroponics and rice has been grown hydroponically for centuries.

Today, hydroponics is used in a variety of settings. Wherever soil is unavailable, hydroponic gardening seems to appear. Wildcatters on offshore oil rigs grow their own tomatoes. Cooks on nuclear submarines hydroponically grow vegetables to use in there crew’s meals. Right now,plants are growing on orbiting space stations without a single grain of soil.

Hydroponics may fly in the face of convention, but it does work. In some situations, it is far more practical than traditional gardening, as well,because it requires very little space and other resources and can produce such amazing results.

Hydroponic gardening is not simply something at which to marvel at from afar. It can be something you can do at home, as well. You can grow your own plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers hydroponically. Hydroponics makes for a fun challenging and ultimately very fulfilling hobby.

Not only is it possible, but also Hydroponics Gardening is fun. That’s right; I said Hydroponics Gardening is fun! At first, the thought of plants suspended in liquid, growing without soil may seem the subject matter for the latest science fiction novel, but Hydroponics Gardening is a reality and it has been around for a long, long time.Hydroponics is simple to learn and makes an excellent hobby.

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