Sunday, July 5, 2009

All-In-One Nutrient

Moon Dust is an All-In-One nutrient designed specifically for hydroponic cabinets.

Instead of purchasing over 10 different products, Moon Dust combines the best of several well tested plant additives and base nutrients for a well balanced start to finish formula.

Simple for beginners, but powerful enough to out grow nutrient programs the pros use.

Outstanding for all plant types.

# Super concentrated, pH stabilized, and superior chelating (the way the plant foods interact with each other).
# Includes beneficial additives such as Carbohydrates (similar to CarboLoad), Humic Acid (similar to Grandma Engy's), Silica Blast (similar to Barricade), Kelp Meal (similar to Iguana Juice), and other vitamin complexes (similar to Vita Boost Pro).
# Includes over 18 Beneficial Funguses (similar to Piranha), 19 Beneficial Bacteria (similar to Tarantula), and 2 Trichoderma Species for outstanding symbiotic assistance for accelerated plant health.
# Moon Dusts base fertilizer consists of 19-8-13, with a well balanced formula for growing from start to finish, instead of difficult to use grow and bloom formulas. It also includes added Calcium and Magnesium for extra strong cell walls, and higher insect tolerance.

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