Saturday, July 25, 2009

Most self-help studies stress the need to create a perfect environment to be able to live a "successful" life. From the most famous celebrities to the most celebrated politicians and all of us mere mortals in between. To be truly happy, therefore, one needs to be fulfilled and so our environment is crucial for us to be are able to share and give to our fellow humans.

Whether it's a city street, a rural farm or a Hollywood stage, finding the environment that suits your character can be a lifelong search, so the journey must be enjoyed.

Get in touch with nature and re-assure yourself that the natural world will carry on no matter what. Draw from the creativity of a flower growing, a vegetable being formed, insects oblivious to what's on TV tonight, and water flowing over naturally formed rocks.

Try an experiment... spend a full half hour or more alone in a forest or next to the sea or, failing that, a park where you won't be disturbed. Make sure you feel safe from wild animals and humans and just let your mind wander, allow your thoughts to flow freely. Call it meditation time if you need an excuse to spend some time on your own. Just enjoy and allow your thoughts to wander free and your imagination to leap into fantasies.

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