Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Commercial Hydroponics

Hydroponically-grown produce is available at all major supermarkets across the country regardless of the season. In North America, 95 percent of greenhouse vegetables are grown hydroponically. The hydroponic greenhouse vegetable industry is valued at over $2.4 billion dollars and is growing at 10 percent per year. The industry is expanding because it is economically productive. Controlled environments and controlled growth techniques maximizes production and is much less labor intense. In addition, the resulting produce is clean, healthy, and nutritious, and growing hydroponically significantly conserves the earth’s resources.

Increased yields, improved and more consistent quality, and elimination of herbicides and pesticides, are major advantages of using hydroponic growing methods for commercial food production. Because hydroponics is almost always used with controlled environments such as greenhouses, the additional major benefit of extending or eliminating growing seasons provides continuous crop production, which again provides extensive increases in productivity.

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