Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking cuttings or clones with hydroponics

Cloning can be a difficult and tricky procedure; however this guide should help eliminate some of your hurdles. To start take a clone from a mother plant while still in the vegetative phase. Use a sharp knife or razor blade and cut a 3inch or so branch from the base of the mother plant at a 45 degree angle. Make sure there are a few leaves on the new clone so it can absorb enough light to take root.

Now at this point, you can take the cut end of your new clone and stick it directly into the 2inch neoprene plug so that the stem of the plant fits snuggly in the small hole in the middle and is deep enough that the cut portion of the stem is at least ½ ways down the length of the netpot. Make sure the fogger unit is on and the area under the netpot is filled with a heavy fog. This will aid in faster root development. Note: Some people have greater success by putting a cloning gel on the cut part of the stem, or by dipping the cut part in nutrients such as Liquid Sun Nutrient Set. This is unnecessary, but could be beneficial.

During the next 48 hours your plant may wilt, but this is normal as the clone is being placed under a great deal of stress by being cut. If the plant is still wilted after 5 days then odds are it won't take root and grow, so it can be discarded. Also, if you notice dead leaves you should pull them off and keep any dead matter out of the way.

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