Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Try starting your seedlings this way...

Germinate seeds in a medium of rock wool or vermiculite.

Fill a pan with vermiculite or rock wool; fill the pan area with 1/2 strength hydroponic nutrient fluid mixer.

5-55-17 mixture of store bought plant food should stimulate root growth of the germinating seeds and the new seedlings. Use a very diluted solution, in distilled water, about one-third normal strength, and keep temperatures between 72-80 degrees for most seed type (check seed package or nursery directions).

Warm temperatures are very important. Many growers experience low germination rate if the temperatures are out of the correct range for the seed type you are germinating. A heating pad set to low or medium may be necessary.

No light is necessary and may slow germination. This is why a heating pad would be a better choice over using a lamp for warmth. Cover germinating seeds with black paper to keep out light. Place seedlings in the light only once they have sprouted.

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