Monday, January 12, 2009

Hydroponics—Relief for Food Contamination Stress!

Food recalls have reached an all-time high, causing many of us to stress over our produce choices like never before. Add to the food recalls the facts that fruit and vegetables often travel long distances and are often stored up to two years before reaching the grocery store shelves, it's no wonder more and more people would like to be able to grow at least some of their own produce.

Thanks to hydroponics, you can—and you don't even need soil! That's because hydroponics is a method of growing various plants and vegetables using a water solution that's rich in the nutrients plants need in order to thrive.

Growing plants and vegetables is relatively easy using hydroponics. You may purchase kits that are generally very compact, which make them a great choice for people who live in apartments and condominiums. These kits are also a good way to introduce children to gardening.

You can get kits for many types of vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, peppers and various herbs as well. A great thing about hydroponics kits such as these is that they do not need natural light and can be grown right on your countertop. The cost of the kits is quite reasonable—and the benefits are priceless when it comes to knowing your food is safe to eat.

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