Monday, June 22, 2009

Cloning Done Right

Get everything ready for your clonning operation

Once you start your cloning operation, you don't want to stop to go fetch a tool or materials. You want everything at hand before that first cut on the mother plant.

Cuttings are sensitive to the environment, chemical changes, insects and disease. So the longer it takes you to treat and plant them, the more problems you may encounter.

Here is a list I have used to check off the tools and materials I want on hand before starting. This isn't offered as a complete list. You may have different needs. But it's a good place to start:

* Pre-conditioned rooting media
* Root stimulator
* Rooting accelerator
* B vitamin supplement
* Spray bottle
* Tray with a clear lid to retain humidity
* Thermometer
* Isopropyl alcohol (99.9%)
* Disposable scalpel or razor
* Sterile high density plastic cutting board
* Tray heating mat with thermostat

Some growers use a box cutter razor which is all right. But remember, they often have an oily surface that needs to be removed before using. A surgical scalpel is a better tool.

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