Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perfect Indoor Growing Cabinet

Most popular full sized Grow Chamber around!

Caddy Dimensions: 72" tall x 31" wide x 23" deep

The Caddy's Ease Of Use…
The Caddy comes pre-assembled, and requires less than 15 minutes of setup time to start growing. Once your Caddy system is in place you can simply plug it in and walk away for days at a time! One of the most popular features of The Caddy line, as with the Cool Cabs, is that the light and infrared proof exterior chamber which provides an easily controlled environment. It’s simple, watch the instructional video, spend 15 minutes adding water and seeds, then walk away and watch your plants grow! Note that if we built a cabinet larger than the Cool Cab Or Caddy it wouldn't fit through a doorway pre-assembled. This is one of our largest top of the line units!
20 cu. ft. capacity
Light-proof custom Mylar interior doesn't act as an eye-sore
Our custom made interiors have a 99% reflective surface for maximum light absorption by the plants.
Includes ventilation system (450+ CFM of air cooling)
11 plant capacity
Grows 11-17lbs. of dried plant matter per year in the Caddy

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