Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nothing "new fangled" about Hydroponics!

A common misconception about hydroponics is that is a new fangled, fashionable trend. Actually, it has been practiced for centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians used hydroponics to grow their food. Great strides have been made in the field since the 1970s, when agriculturalists began studying it in earnest as an alternative means of food production, which perhaps is the reason behind so many people thinking it is a new invention.

Contrary to popular belief, hydroponics has absolutely nothing to do with genetically modified food. While genetically modified food has been offered as a solution to solving global hunger, as hydroponics has, it is a completely separate entity. Because genetically modified food is so controversial, hydroponics sometimes gets a bad rap. In fact, hydroponic food is 100% natural food, not modified in any way, and no chemicals are added to the plants to make them grow that they would not get in traditional fields. It’s simply a different way to grow food; no genetic manipulation involved.

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